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2024 Class Points and High Point Tabulation

Points need to be checked within two weeks of being posted. Any complaints or requests for change need to be done within this time frame. Requests for change of points requires the exhibitor to file the change of points form with the point recorder. If this is not done within two weeks of the points being posted for show in question points are as is.

For the purpose of the point system, the show season shall be from April 1st to November 1st.
Points shall be awarded as follows:
   ~ Six or more horses in the class -            1st – 7 pts; 2nd – 6 pts; 3rd – 5 pts; 4th 4 pts; 5th – 3 pts; 6th - 2 pts
   ~ Five horses in the class -                         1st – 6 pts; 2nd 5 pts; 3rd - 4 pts; 4th – 3 pts; 5th – 2 pts
   ~ Four horses in the class -                        1st – 5 pts; 2nd 4 pts; 3rd - 3 pts; 4th – 2 pts
   ~ Three horses in the class -                      1st – 4 pts; 2nd – 3 pts; 3rd – 2 pts
   ~ Two horses in the class -                         1st – 3 pts; 2nd – 2 pts
   ~ One horse in the class -                           1st – 2 pts

All exhibitors that enter and show in a class, but do not place will receive one participation point, unless disqualified. This is with the exception to speed events. Broken patterns in speed events will still receive a participation point

2024 Year End High-Point Tabulations

2024 Year End High-Point Divisions

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